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The Buck Stops Here

What does your dollar do when you donate to The ACE Project? How far does it stretch when considering how many young lives it may impact or how many community adults it may hire to serve as program leaders? We turn to a long-time supporter, Ms. Marilyn Curran for her side of the racket on why she decides to ACE!

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Nurturing the Roots that Give Rise

Each step of our evolution has been made possible thanks to collaborative efforts within the communities we serve. As we grow, these partnerships become even more crucial to our success; take a look at how we have set down new roots in Baltimore to benefit more youth.

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Making Dreams Come True

The ACE Project was invited by the USTA Foundation to attend the Spring 2018 Capacity Building Training in Orlando, Florida. Though it might not sound like the place where dreams come true, members of the ACE team gathered with organizations from across the country to discuss how best to make childhood dreams become a reality. 

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