Comprehensive Program

We believe All children should have access to equitable resources and opportunities

As our tennis program gained popularity, The ACE Project researched models and strategies that contribute to positive psychological, behavioral, and social characteristics in youth. We found that consistent, comprehensive after-school programs guide kids on their path toward reaching the “Five Cs” of positive youth development. This is where they excel! To nurture these characteristics and best prepare our ACE-ers for the future, our 8-week comprehensive program includes: goal setting, group discussions, homework assistance, journaling, positive reinforcement, snack time, adult and peer-to-peer mentorship, and daily rotations.

Daily rotations are the core of this program. Our ACE-ers choose between academic enrichment, athletic development, or social-emotional skill-building 3 days per week, participating in all 3 areas each week. We use evidence-based curriculum guides to inform our rotations, working specifically to improve our ACE-ers’ math and reading scores, resilience, and prosocial behavior.

Research shows that youth participating in a comprehensive intervention model demonstrate better school performance, more prosocial behavior, enhanced life satisfaction, and a reduction of peer rejection, school failure, aggression, and/or drug use. So far, we have seen tremendous growth among our ACE-ers who have participated in the comprehensive program; our goal is to expand ACE services at all program sites to ensure youth have the resources and opportunities to excel.