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The Buck Stops Here

What does your dollar do when you donate to The ACE Project? How far does it stretch when considering how many young lives it may impact or how many community adults it may hire to serve as program leaders? We turn to a long-time supporter, Ms. Marilyn Curran for her side of the racket on why she decides to ACE!

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Return the Serve 2018: A Major Win

Following the unveiling of the renovated Art Courts in Riverdale, The ACE Project had an opportunity to partner with the United States Tennis Association and Chase to host Return the Serve for a 3rd consecutive year. The pictures alone capture all the excitement and fun of the day, but make sure to read up on how it all came together!

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The Summer Upswing

Though many students jump for joy when school is excused for the summer, the children living in south suburban Chicago and Baltimore City are forced to consider their level of safety due to increased violence. How can we make a difference in young lives and save the summer through The ACE Project?

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