Sunny Serve Up

Wow, the spring season zoomed by quickly. There were lots of feet moving in Riverdale/Dolton, Baltimore, and Detroit; over 800 shuffling sneakers if you consider all the adults who took to the court as coaches to serve even more ACEs. This winter, through the Winner Wonderland campaign, our loyal supporters helped us reach our $16,000 goal to support the expansion of our spring programs and provide youth with more opportunities to excel.

The ACE Team, inspired by all the generosity, took to the courts and classrooms to launch tennis and comprehensive programs at our partner schools. We increased the number of participants compared to previous seasons, improved the physical, social-emotional, and academic well-being of at-risk youth by connecting them to necessary resources, and built a stronger infrastructure of support for our coaches, who are local adults with hearts to serve. All of this was made possible thanks to you, our champion donors!

While our time in the spring is about to set, the sun is rising on the summer, a time when our ACE-ers and their peers are disconnected from the programs that help them thrive. We need your support today to serve up some brightness for these youth. With your donation, The ACE Project will lighten up the summer months with opportunities and activities to keep feet moving toward more positive youth development and away from at-risk behavior.

Here are a few ways you can help make the sun shine:

  • Bounce Back: The first step to becoming a tennis champion is to learn the bounce. A $20 donation will purchase a dozen foam balls for summer camp.

  • Split Step: An ACE-er must have swift hands and feet to be successful on the court. An $80 donation will equip them with a junior racket and pair of youth tennis shoes to get moving in the right direction.

  • Refuel: The best tennis players eat a well-balanced diet to energize their games. A $155 donation will ensure ACE-ers receive nutritious snacks for a week at summer camp.

  • Practice Makes Progress: It takes a dedicated individual to arrive on the courts ready to learn, play, and grow each day. A $275 donation will provide a week of tennis camp for our very enthusiastic ACE-ers.

  • Play Your Heart Out: When a young athlete is ready to test their newfound skills, they look to compete with the best. A $530 donation enters an ACE-er into a local tournament and gives them the necessary equipment and support to excel.

  • Get Into the Game: Tennis is a community builder, and we’ve seen firsthand how the sport uplifts individuals, strengthens bonds, and improves engagement. A $1,500 donation will invite an entire community to a locally-hosted play day, so kids and adults can share the joy of tennis together.

Our ACE-ers are ready to leap into the summer; the spring ignited their passion for tennis, and they are hoping for more opportunities to play during the school break. The ACE Team is prepared to jump into action to welcome more shining smiles and shuffling sneakers onto the courts. All we need is you; yes, you are the key to making the summer months sunny and bright. Your donation today will be the light in someone else’s life.