They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we believe that videos give ACE a chance to really showcase our story!


#1 Instant Replay: All about The ACE project

What do you think our theme song would sound like? The team at Washington Elementary School added their own spin to what The ACE Project is all about.

#2 Instant Replay: Baller

ACE, our new mascot, takes it to the court at Roosevelt Elementary School.

#3 Instant Replay: ACE Busts a move

ACE was showing off his moves after posing for photos with the kids at Roosevelt Elementary School.


#1 Instant Replay: Duck, Duck, Giggle

Sergeant Black and Officer Covington, of the Baltimore Police Department, joined in the fun at Calvin Rodwell Elementary School as part of Serve and Connect. This program, offered in collaboration with the USTA Foundation, engages police officers and students through the joy of tennis!

#2 Instant Replay: Simon Says, Hokey Pokey

You put your left hand in, you take your right hand out of a game of Coach Says (the cousin of Simon)! The Dolton Police Department is doing such a great job with the students at Roosevelt Elementary School in Chicago.

Replay Runner-Up: For Crying Out Loud

#3 Instant Replay: Cool Coordination

It might seem like an easy exercise, but how do you think you would fair with the hand-eye, foot-eye coordination while attached to your friend? Caution: don't try this with any breakables nearby!

Replay Runner-Up: Warm Up Superhero-Style